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now that he's joined, the internet isn't officially over. >> that's right. because he's officially now on twitter. >> tweeting. >> it's official now. >> pamela brown, she tweets. >> i do. you know, it's baby steps. i remember when i first started tweeting. >> scares me. i've seen people commit twittercide. i do it a little. >> i think i'm still kind of baby steps. >> yeah, i'm still learning. it's a work in progress. thank you, guys. i'll take it from here. "news room" starts right now. this is cnn "news room," i'm pamela brown in for suzanne malveaux. thanks so much for being here with us on this thursday. and we begin with an eye on the markets. take a look here, the dow is down sharply. it plunged 200 points in early trading and is now down 194. we'll have a live report from the new york stock exchange just
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ahead right here on "news room." and at this hour we are watching beirut, the largest city in lebanon there. that's where a large explosion shook part of the city just about an hour ago. this is what we're seeing on a lebanese tv station there. fire and smoke and panic. the bomb went off in a part of the city known as a stronghold for the shiite militant group hezbollah. lebanon officials say three people are dead, about 20 others are wounded and so far there's no claim of responsibility. we're watching beirut for more details. and of course we'll pass on whatever information we find out. and over in egypt, it is still reeling from its bloodiest day since the 2011 revolution. and president obama is responding to the crisis there. the streets of cairo are relatively calm, but tense right now after a day of carnage, chaos and gunfire. the egyptian health ministry says at least 525 people were killed and more than 3,700 wounded. president obama warns egypt is on a dangerous path. and he called for an end to the
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bloodshed. >> and to the egyptian people, let me say the cycle of violence and escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. we call on those who are protesting to do so peacefully and condemn the attacks we've seen be protesters, including on churches. we believe that the state of emergency should be lifted, that a process of national reconciliation should begin. >> now i want to bring in our chief national correspondent john king. hi, john. nice to see you. this is a delicate balance for the administration. we have a stake in keeping positive relations with egypt, of course our largest arab ally in that region. >> uh-huh. >> what do you think the main purpose of president obama's speech today was? what was the message? >> he's trying desperately, pamela, to send a message to the military now running the government to dial this back and dial back quickly.
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he's trying to readjust his administration's position after essentially a bet that went bad. the coup, although the administration doesn't call it a coup, the ouster of the morsi government was not a total surprise to the administration. and the administration refuses to call it a coup because of the legal consequences of that. but what it had hoped was that the military government, more moderate forces would take over, they would try to set a path toward new democratic elections and try to keep the peace in the meantime. instead you've had this polarized climate where the morsi supporters are still demonstrating. and they are responsible for some of the violence, let's be clear about that. but the military crackdown now has left the administration in a very tough position because it refused to call it a coup. it essentially was backing the military government asking it to move the process forward and now sees this breakout. the administration made a bet and hoped its allies like qatar, like the united arab emirates could help out and instead. >> by refusing to call it a coup, we don't have to cut the $1.3 billion in aid that we give to egypt.
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why do you think the president stopped short of doing that today, john? why does it benefit the u.s. to main -- to continue to give that aid to egypt? >> leverage is what the administration would tell you. it's what veteran diplomats from democratic and republican administrations would tell you. you do see fresh calls from congress today, senator rand paul from kentucky saying cut off the aid, mr. president. call it a coup, president. the president will call it a coup for just then. if you call it a military coup, there are legal obligations on the administration to suspend the military aid. what the white house who would tell you is that is the only leverage. they did cancel plans for joint drills. that aid is the biggest leverage they think they have and they believe if they cut it off some other government will step in and make up the money if you will and leave the united states on the sideline with not any leverage. if the administration can't show progress soon, it's going to be hard to say we have to keep up
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that aid because that's how we get them to listen to us. if they don't listen, the voices saying cut off that aid will grow louder. >> and of course we have our own business interests here in the u.s. a lot of that money goes to u.s. companies to make some of the military equipment that egypt uses. thank you so much, john king. the streets around cairo are littered with debris from the violence and chaos there. and this all started when egyptian security forces stormed two camps occupied by supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi. arwa damon joins us from cairo. give us a sense of your location and what's going on right now. >> reporter: well, if one compares the way cairo should normally be, it's still quite eerie out on the streets. fairly early curfew kicked into effect. yesterday the government announcing a state of emergency that's going to be lasting for a month. we were down at one of the sit-in sites, it was filled with trash and smoke rising from it. every once in a while a vehicle
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would drive by, someone would kick up the debris and you could still smell the residue of the teargas there. the security forces were not just dealing with clearing these two sit-in sites but also multiple front lines that emerged across the entire capital and in fact other parts of the country as well. and there have still been sporadic clashes. nothing as intense as what we saw yesterday, but still sporadic clashes. the pro-morsi crowd attacking a government building, part of greater cairo, attacking a number of police stations over the last 24 hours. and perhaps even more disturbingly targeting the country's christian community. we were down at one of the churches, it was a shell of what it should have been, scorched completely black. people there saying that they were attacked by an angry mob of islamists who were chanting, down with the church. and we have been seeing across the entire country at least 30 churches that were attacked. most of them raided and then
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burnt. >> we heard president obama speak earlier today asking for both sides to come together, reach a peaceful resolution. but, arwa, it seems like the muslim brotherhood is vowing to keep up these protests. do you see the violence there continuing? >> reporter: it's very difficult to see how the situation's going to be fully brought under control at this stage. and one must also remember that the u.s. does not have a lot of pull with either side at this point. >> oh, we lost arwa there. we'll check back in with her soon. of course tumultuous situation there in egypt. we'll go back to cairo here in a little bit as we monitor the situation there. meantime, we have just learned investigators have recovered the flight data recorders from the ups cargo plane crash in birmingham, alabama, there. and they hope the boxes will help them determine the cause of yesterday's fiery crash that killed a pilot and co-pilot.
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flames in the plane's tail section kept officials from accessing the recorders in the first 24 hours after the crash. investigators want to know why the crew did not issue a distress call. the airbuss went down just about half a mile from the runway while approaching the airport. witnesses say it flew low over their neighborhood then it sounded like it was sputtering before it crashed on the street by an open field shaking people's homes there. and as we mentioned earlier, big drops on wall street today. the dow plunged 200 points. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to tell us what's behind this. alison. >> hi, pamela. well, ten major companies came out with what they think how the economy is right now, how that's going to affect their business. that's why you're seeing investors spooked. you're seeing dow down 212 pointds right now. they're doing this in their earnings reports. cisco systems coming out saying the economy's in rough shape calling the global economy challenging and inconsistent. it's certainly not something you want to hear from this kind of global company with such a
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massive customer base. also, cisco announcing it's laying off 4,000 people. so it's not just cisco, walmart also coming out today not just cutting its earnings outlook, but it's sales outlook citing the same thing, a challenging economy. so you roll this all together, it doesn't paint a great picture. we've got an economy, yes, that's growing. it's just not growing fast enough. we've got an economy that's adding jobs, just not adding enough jobs. so that's what's spooking companies and investors today as we see all 30 stocks in the dow in the red. pamela. >> seems like we're getting mixed signals here, alison. how worried do you think we should be about this? >> keep in mind one day does not make a trend. also, august is notoriously very weak for stocks. although look at the economy, there is improvement. look at the housing market, it's getting better. we had a jobless claims number today that showed that the number of initial jobless claims last week actually fell to 320,000, which is the lowest level in six years. so we are getting some bits of information showing that the economy is improving.
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it's just not improving strong enough. however, it's not all gloom and doom either. pamela. >> all right. alison kosik, thank you so much. and coming up right here on "news room," he leads in the popular polls as the republican party's potential presidential nominee, but can he win over the party? chris christie's rnc address up next. and then, president obama was hunkered down in the the situation room -- his former aid shares details. and, well, maybe you can't put a price on the joy a child brings, but we can tell you what it costs to raise a child, almost a quarter of a million dollars, and get this, that's before college. you're watching "cnn newsroom," those stories and more when we return. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever
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but for all these symptoms, you also take kaopectate. new kaopectate caplets -- soothing relief for all those symptoms. kaopectate. one and done. well, the republicans have rolled into kennedy country. deep blue boston is a bold location for the summer meeting of the republican national committee, but there they are. gop leaders of today and tomorrow holding town hall meetings. and, today, hosting what many call the party rock star from new jersey, governor chris christie, who hasn't exactly been the favorite among many conservatives in the party these days. so let's get right to candy crowley here, she is of course
10:14 am
our chief political correspondent. hi, candy. >> how are you? >> so as mentioned, boston is crawling with republicans today, chris christie spoke at a luncheon earlier. we don't have that speech just yet because it was closed to the media, but he has been making waves in the party lately. how much love do you think he's feeling in the party these days? is he still the rock star? >> he's still a rock star, but a lot has been made about chris christie running crosswise with rand paul or ted crews or with the conservatives, his embrace of the president -- not physical embrace but embrace with the president when hurricane sandy came right before the romney election, et cetera, et cetera. a lot of people didn't think mitt romney had the chance to become the republican nominee, and one of the main reasons he became the republican nominee is the word electability. when republicans looked around, they said who can beat president obama? who has the best shot? and by and large it came out that their answer was mitt romney. so in the end there's a lot of
10:15 am
back and forth between parties. this happens in the democratic party when they don't have someone in the white house, now happening in the republican party. should we go right, should we go left, should we go down the middle, this guy says one thing, this guy says the other. in the end when it gets down to the primaries, they will have that debate again. but also coming into that debate is what is always the overarching thought of many republican voters and democratic voters, who has the best chance of winning? so as long as chris christie shows kind of that national popularity, he's gotd swing with moderates, democrats vote for him, he's trying to rack up a big margin of victory when he runs for new jersey governor. if he can rack up a big margin of victory there, that goes a long way towards putting out the electability signal. >> has he signalled what his message is going to be? is he going to appeal to mainstream republicans? do we get a sense yet? >> i think it would be difficult to predict, a, if chris christie's going to do it. i think there's lots of signs he
10:16 am
wants to run for president, but right now his entire focus has been on the new jersey governor's race. he's going to win, he'd like to win be a really big impressive margin so we talk about it a lot, and likely will. so certainly chris christie has never backed away from a "moderate position about anything." but he is the governor of new jersey, and that is not a super republican place. it is much -- leans much more democratic. he's as much necessity as republicans are in the northeast more moderate than say a republican from the south. but these things have a way of working themselves out in the primary season. >> absolutely. before we let you go, candy, i want to get to this new tv ad from a pro-obama group promoting obama care. let's take a listen. >> when liam was about five or six months old, we got a renewal notice, the premiums were going to go up by about $110 a month. >> we had to have the insurance. we weren't going to roll the dice. >> when the afford --
10:17 am
>> so, candy, from the folks you've been talking with, what's the reaction to this new ad? >> well, listen, this is not a subject that is ever very far from the republican agenda. it's a subject that you're going to see being discussed next year. right now what that ad is trying to do and what democrats are trying to do is bring people into the interest zone saying this is going to be good for you, you can get subsidies, you can get money back. that's what this ad was about when they said one of the provisions of obama care is that only a certain percentage of your income has to go to health care. so they got a refund from their insurance company. the president touted this earlier. so they're trying to put all the positive things about obama care out there. and on the republican side and the critics of obama care saying wait a second. they've delayed the business end of this for businesses for a year. there are other things they're delaying. so this is a fight, again, that's going to go out over the air waves. this is just 2014, and the
10:18 am
mid-term elections beginning early. >> not going to let up any time soon. it's interesting just reading about it shows they're trying to appeal to mothers and young people so they buy the health insurance. >> it's very funny. talked about how they're going to do this on bravo and lifetime where mothers tend to watch, it's a big audience for them. >> exactly. >> and they have some sort of big sway over their 20-somethings. i'm thinking, really? >> exactly. anyone that has a child around that age is like, no, i don't think so. >> yeah. i don't think so either, but hey. >> all right. candy crowley, thank you. and remember to watch candy sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern time with "state of the union." candy, thank you so much. >> thanks. president obama spent part of one of the biggest days of his presidency playing cards. remember this day, how could we forget it? may 2011 a navy s.e.a.l.s. team is raiding a hold out in pakistan. how the president distracted himself from the stress of that
10:19 am
day. >> i spent the entire day at the white house. and for probably, you know, typically like the weekends he's like -- he'll work like a half-day. and this sunday, i mean, we worked the -- i mean we were there until almost -- i think he went on tv at midnight. almost midnight. and sat around in the private dining room kind of like, most people were down in the situation room, but he's like i'm not going to be down here, i can't watch this entire thing. so he, myself, pete, the white house photographer, marvin, we must have played 15 games of spades. >> he was president obama's personal aid and almost constant companion from his election throughout his first term. well, before you drink that next cup of coffee, you may want to consider the possible side effects. here we go again with yet
10:20 am
another study. but if you drink a lot of coffee, you're not going to want to miss this next story. we're going to tell olympic about it right after this next break. stay with us.
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well, we've heard lots of studies through the years on coffee, both the benefits and the risks. now a new study finds drinking too much coffee could be bad for you. elizabeth cohen joins us now to talk a little bit more about this. all right, elizabeth, i've already had just about four cups of coffee today, does that mean i'm doomed? >> pamela, you've hit the magic number. this study says that if you drink four or more cups of coffee a day that your death rate goes up by about 50%, if you're looking at people under the age of 55. so they're saying, yes, it does seem to be associated with an early death. but they also say we don't necessarily know it's the coffee. maybe people who drink as much coffee as you do, pamela, have other issues too. obviously this isn't your issue, but maybe people who drink a lot of coffee also eat a lot, or eat the wrong things. it's also a possibility that it's the coffee. so this certainly gives you pause. maybe you should stop at that fourth cup. >> yeah, maybe, or the third cup. >> or the third. >> maybe the second cup.
10:24 am
so why is it have to do with age? do we know -- it's under 55, right? why is it that it's worse for people under that age range? >> it is interesting. it looks like it didn't increase the death rate quite as much for people who were over 55. and that's why the author of this study says, look, if you're under 55, you might want to think about drinking less than four cups of coffee a day. we're not talking the big venties, we're talking eight ounces of coffee. you can also look at it this way, say, look, this is one study. and other studies found coffee is good for you. so should we listen to this one study? it's kind of up to each of us as individuals what study we're going to listen to, but the advice from this study isn't all that hard to do. it's just saying keep your intake to less than four. >> yeah. because, you know, we hear all these conflicting studies. it seems like every other day there's a new study out about this, but of course it all goes back to moderation. you make a good point, the cup does not mean the venti at
10:25 am
starbucks. >> right. in this study it was eight ounces of coffee, when you drink four of those a day, the death rate started going up. this was more than 44,000 people. so, you know, you can't ignore it, but also probably not the last word on coffee. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. >> thanks. well, today, michael jackson's ex-wife returns to the witness stands in the wrongful trial of the singer's murder. row said two german doctors treated jackson's insomnia with the anesthetic propofol for 12 years before dying of a propofol overdose. the jackson family is suing aeg live claiming the company negligently hired the doctor who administered that deadly overdose. well, first, she was held hostage. and then she finds out a man considered a family friend killed her mother and her brother. and now she knows he also tortured them. we're going to talk about the
10:26 am
survivor guilt hannah anderson could be feeling up next. [ male announcer ] this is betsy. her long day of pick ups and drop offs begins with arthritis pain... and a choice. take up to 6 tylenol in a day or just 2 aleve for all day relief. all aboard. ♪
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sporadic fighting erupted across egypt today following the violence and bloodshed there yesterday. a state of emergency is still in effect there. the government says it will stay in place for a month. the egyptian health ministry now says at least 525 people were killed in the violence yesterday. and more than 3,700 were wounded. and those numbers could still rise. members of the muslim brotherhood displayed at least 100 bodies wrapped in blood-stained sheets, as we see right here. they say those bodies have not yet been counted by authorities. president obama today condemned the violence. >> let me say that the egyptian people deserve better than what we've seen over the last several days. and to the egyptian people let me say the cycle of violence and
10:30 am
escalation needs to stop. we call on the egyptian authorities to respect the universal rights of the people. >> the president canceled joint military operations with egypt next month. also at this hour we are watching beirut. right now that's where lebanese officials now say 14 people are dead and more than 200 are wounded. that's after a large explosion shook part of the city just about an hour and a half ago. and this is what we've been seeing on a lebanese tv station there affiliated with the military group hezbollah. the bomb went off in a part of the city known as a hezbollah stronghold. and so far no one is claiming responsibility. but, again, officials are saying 14 people are dead and more than 200 people are hurt. we don't know at this point if this could be connected to the ongoing conflict in nearby syria, but of course we will keep you updated as more details come in. meantime, unsealed warrants reveal disturbing details about what happened the day james dimaggio allegedly killed his friend's wife and son and then
10:31 am
kidnapped his daughter, hannah anderson. casey wian has the latest on this story. >> reporter: grisly new details are surfacing in the alleged kidnapping and murder case of suspect james dimaggio. according to these newly released search warrants, dimaggio tortured and killed his best friend's wife and son and shot and killed the family dog. police also say they found a crowbar and what appeared to be blood on the ground next to christina anderson's body. the 40-year-old then allegedly set his house on fire and kidnapped the couple's 16-year-old daughter hannah. the documents say he spoke with 13 times on the phone earlier that day. the fbi rescued anderson on saturday and killed dimaggio during the confrontation. an idaho coroner says he was shot at least five times. >> as for my daughter, the healing process will be slow. she has been through a tremendous horrific ordeal. >> reporter: now home, anderson has quickly taken to social media to help cope with her
10:32 am
pain. most recently posting these pictures to her instagram profile. the first glimpse we're getting of her after the harrowing ordeal. she writes, god gives his toughest tasks to the strongest soldiers. she also posted this picture of her mother and brother writing, my two beautiful angels. she dedicated this post to them, the piece of paper reading in the clouds i'll meet you again, rest in peace. the post hit the social media sphere three days after her rescue, leading some experts to question her public catharsis. >> this is a 16-year-old who's totally traumatized. so she's not thinking. sometimes in a numb state you're doing things that you don't really, really consider the consequences. >> reporter: but others say social media is in fact a good outlet for anderson. >> there's a ton of research that says when someone has been through a traumatic experience, it's really helpful to talk and share their story. >> reporter: anderson has also shared her story on answering anonymous users questions.
10:33 am
a user asked why didn't you run, he would have killed me. are you glad he's dead, absolutely. casey wian, cnn, los angeles. >> so obviously there are many psychological issues anderson must be dealing with right now. jeff gardere joins us now from new york to talk more about this. jeff, we heard conflicting opinions about whether it was a good idea for her to go online and share her thoughts. but the bottom line here, jeff, is it's obvious this is a teenager who has been traumatized. she's trying to figure out how to heal. and as a teenager you don't necessarily have that emotional intelligence to know how to cope with something like this, right? >> yeah, absolutely. look, this is a young girl who was trying to get back to her former life before this tragedy happened, trying to get her feet back on the ground, trying to get grounded. so she does what a lot of teenagers do, and that's to go on social media, reach out, have the support. and that being said i'm glad that it's helped her, but it's also fraught with a lot of
10:34 am
possible land mines. we're talking about maybe people who may not be friendly, or asking her questions that may re-traumatize her or dealing with certain parts of that tragedy, that horror that she's not ready to quite discuss or even process right now. >> uh-huh. and, you know, in one of the posts she said this is really how a 16-year-old speaks talking about survivor guilt. she said, i wish i could go back in time and risk my life to save theirs. i will never forgive myself for not trying harder to save them. it's heartbreaking to see that, jeff. what do you think she's going through now? >> i'm glad she's able to verbalize that. and you're absolutely correct, pamela, she is having survivors guilt. but i think there's also a lot of other guilt there. we know that there were 13 phone calls made from dimaggio to her right after her mother and little brother were killed. so she may be feeling some guilt
10:35 am
around that, having those kinds of conversations not knowing at the time that perhaps her mother and little brother were dead, that they were tortured. so she's got to deal with a lot of that. we need to understand that this was a dangerous pedophile, sexual aggressor, a murderer. so he not only traumatized her perhaps physically, but also psychologically. taking advantage of a juvenile, of a young girl, and saying or doing things that perhaps may have her feeling guilty. and she shouldn't because she is 100% the victim here. >> absolutely. but as you point out, there are so many different layers to this. jeff, how can hannah anderson, or anyone else who's had such a traumatic ordeal at such a young age dealing with this moving forward, is there a way to ultimately move forward and put this behind you? >> well, absolutely. look, she got onto social
10:36 am
networking. maybe that is a step, a dangerous step, but she does need professional help. she will experience post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, trust issues. she has to grieve. and she's trying to do that the best she can. but she's going to have to turn her life around, use this as a way to not just convey her pain but to help other people who are in pain and who go through such tragedies, re-creating her life and being stronger than she ever was before. >> yeah, to help others. she's probably going to rely heavily on her father as well. >> absolutely. >> thank you so much, jeff gardere, for sharing your perspective. >> my pleasure. anderson cooper will take a look at the rescue this saturday 6:30 p.m. eastern time right here on cnn. and now to this, family and friends of reality star gia sppz alamand are reacting to her death. she modeled for maxim magazine.
10:37 am
she died yesterday after hanging herself in her new orleans home. her boyfriend, nba player ryan anderson saying gia was the most beautiful person i knew inside and out. she always made everyone else smile. the reason behind her suicide is not yet clear. and up next right here on "cnn newsroom," people told they have cancer and need chemo. the only thing is, they didn't. the doctor right here, he's charged with fraud accused of lying to make money. this disturbing outrageous story when we return. we've been bringing people together. today, we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us. obesity. and as the nation's leading beverage company, we can play an important role. that includes continually providing more options. giving people easy ways to help make informed choices. and offering portion controlled versions of our most popular drinks.
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one a day men's 50+. getting the right nutrition during your busy day can be a challenge. take control of your nutrition with each delicious bar provides boost bars are perfect with a meal or as a nutritious snack. plus, they are available in chocolate and peanut butter chocolate flavors. a great-tasting way to get the nutrition you need. brand power. helping you buy better.
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more sad news out of louisiana. another bank worker who had been held hostage has died we've learned. a 20-year-old man took three bank employees hostage in the rural town of st. joseph on tuesday. he eventually released one woman. after hours of drama, a s.w.a.t. team stormed the bank killing the gunman. they say two of the hostages were shot by the gunman. louisiana state police also tell cnn the suspect had items to torture the hostages. well, this next story is just really hard to believe. it is any patient's worst nightmare. imagine a doctor falsely diagnosing you or your loved ones with cancer and then administering chemotherapy on purpose. yet the fact is you don't need them. those are the charges against a michigan doctor being held on a $9 million bond. >> reporter: 25-year-old dustin recently dropped out of college
10:41 am
after being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. >> i've never been so tired. just exhausted. >> reporter: he was referred to dr. fa rrksz id fata. he began administering aggressive treatments to kaley. >> to me it seemed it was a lot and it was hard to go through, but when your doctor tells you that's what's going to cure your cancer, you don't argue. >> reporter: kaley joins scores of other patients who are shocked to learn dr. fata was arrested last week on charges of not only falsely telling patients they had cancer, but also giving them unnecessary chemotherapy treatments. >> it's very upsetting because i really liked him. >> reporter: fata's motive? pure greed according to federal prosecutors. fata allegedly misdiagnosed his patients so that he could submit false medicare claims, stealing $35 million over a two-year period according to this federal complaint. authorities also say he went as far as administering
10:42 am
chemotherapy to dying patients who would not even benefit from the treatment so he could rake in more money. but his attorney says the criminal complaint does not identify any patients who claim they were mistreated. and his client has proclaimed his innocence. several patients are also coming to his defense. >> i don't believe a word of it. i have total faith. >> reporter: still, more than 700 of fata's former patients are weighing in on this facebook page sharing the physical and emotional pain they've endured, with one patient saying what a monster if this all proves to be true. >> and fbi agents raided his lavish home and medical offices seizing $7 million in assets and placing liens of $2 million against him. and now with the doctor behind bars on $9 million bond, most of the patients are in limbo just trying to find a new oncologist. some are just now beginning that search because they've just now had their medical files returned to them by the fbi. obviously a very difficult situation for those patients. well, maybe you can't put a price on the joy a child brings,
10:43 am
but listen to what it costs to raise a kid. almost $250,000, and that's before college. we're going to have that story coming up right after this break. this day calls you. to fight chronic osteoarthritis pain. to fight chronic low back pain. to take action. to take the next step. today, you will know you did something for your pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a pain reliever fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day, can help reduce this pain. tell your doctor right away if your mood worsens, you have unusual changes in mood or behavior or thoughts of suicide. anti-depressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not for children under 18.
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10:46 am
kids, but from day one to grocery bills, the cost of raising a child climbing at a rate many families are finding hard to keep up with. total cost right now estimated at just over $241,000 for a middle income couple to raise a child born last year for the first 18 years. that's up $6,000 from the year before. and that doesn't even count college. according to the college board, that costs $17,860 a year for a student living at an in-state school. so why the big increase? in the past year child care, health care and clothing expenses shot up the most. but check this out, when you break down that $241,000, most of the money, 30%, goes to housing. that's followed by child care, education and food costs. generally the older a child gets, the more money he or she requires. older kids, hey, they eat more. they get involved in extracurricular activities. and they start driving and may need a car. but there's some cost savings if you have multiple children because there's overlap on some of the things like cribs and clothes and housing of course, the 30% cost of housing,
10:47 am
something you don't pay for twice. christine romans, cnn, new york. >> thank you, christine. well, studies show 40 million americans are suffering from chronic sleep disorders. an unhealthy statistic, but using sleeping pills to treat it could be even less healthy. dr. sanjay gupta explains up next. this man is about to be the millionth customer. would you mind if i go ahead of you? instead we had someone go ahead of him and win fifty thousand dollars. congratulations you are our one millionth customer. nobody likes to miss out. that's why ally treats all their customers the same. whether you're the first or the millionth. if your bank doesn't think you're special anymore, you need an ally. ally bank. your money needs an ally.
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well, did you get a good night's sleep? chances are a lot of you didn't, myself included. according to the national sleep foundation 40 million american adults suffer from chronic sleep disorders and 62% of us are dealing with sleep issues at least a few times a week. here's dr. sanjay gupta. >> let me throw another number into that mix. 60 million. the number of sleep prescriptions written last year alone. it's a big issue for a lot of people. people who are take k these medications, they often ask a couple questions. how well is this going to get me to sleep? how well is this going to make me stay asleep. there's a third question they should be asking. which is how well will i wake up the next morning? that's an area where the fda is is now focusing their attention. you've seen some of the actions of that attention. they looked at a new medication
10:51 am
from merck and rejected it. they've looked at older medications like benadryl and said how long is this really lasting in people's systems? they made a recommendation on ambien to cut the dose in half particularly for women. the way this was looked at in the past was to look at the half-life. how long does it stay in someone's system? they also want to look at now how well you finunction the nex morning. are you able to do their job? are you able to drive? the most important parameter. we know from estimates about 5% of drivers on the road any given morning are actually still under the influence of ambien. keep in mind something else. let's say ambien, for example, or another medication designed for eight hours of sleep, if you only get six hours of sleep, you might still be under the influence for those first few hours. especially again when you're driving the car. hopefully a lot of people out there don't need medications to stay asleep. there's been lots of tips we've given over the years in terms of how people can stay asleep. one thing to keep in mind as well, if you're having trouble going to sleep, just tossing and
10:52 am
turning, most sleep experts will tell you get out of bed. do something not intellectually stimulating for a while and get back in bed. maybe that's a good tip for you. back to you. >> i could use that tip. here's a look at what sanjay has coming up on "the next list." >> this week we talk to two remarkable innovator. a danish architect bringing his unique design to the skyline of manhattan. >> west 57th street project. it sort of tilts from being horizontal to being almost vertical. opening up the entire corridor for the sun. at the bottom, the southwest corner, is 42 inches. it's really the height of a handrail. and here you are up at 430 feet. you have this sort of incredible from the human scale to the city scale. in one single building.
10:53 am
>> the kind of idea when you see it, you say, how come nobody's thought of it before? >> reporter: and nobody thought a 19-year-old could come up with an anti-terror device or new technology to fight cancer. that is until taylor wilson came along. >> i've always been really passionate about solving problems and really passionate about changing the human condition. i want to change lives and i want to save lives. i think my technologies can do that. >> join us this saturday, 2:30, "the next list." have you ever thought your e-mail was being spied on? the people at google are making it perfectly clear to g-mail users, yes, they are reading your e-mail. what they're doing with that information, up next.
10:54 am
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consumer watchdog groups say they are stunned by google's admission that people shouldn't expect their g-mail to be private. google's controversial comment was included in a court document seeking to dismiss a class action privacy lawsuit against the company. it says, quote, a person has no legitimate expectation of privacy in information he or she voluntarily turns over to third parties. all right. alison kosik joins us to talk about this. break it down for us, alison. what does this exactly mean? who's looking at these e-mails and why? >> you know what it means, pamela? it means that your e-mail isn't totally secure. what makes this unique is that this is from a big provider like google. the group consumer watchdog calls this a stunning admission by google. actually in a recent filing where google compares itself to an assistant who opens the boss's mail. google also says people who use e-mail today, they can't be surprised if their communications are processed by the e-mail provider and the company says it's actually an
10:58 am
automated system that processes these e-mails. it's not a human going through them. google says there are several courts that have held that this is widely understood. pamela? >> what can we do? what can g-mail users like myself do to protect ourselves? >> you know what you can do? you can check your privacy statement. think about it. when you sign up for e-mail, you know what you're doing? you're checking off that box. signing off on it. it says google tracks mof your information. you're agreeing to that. also when you sign up you go ahead and fill out your personal information. you need to be aware of that as well when you're putting that personal information -- you don't want to put everyone out there. you know, google is into providing services. it scans e-mails to filter out spam. it puts it in your junk box. it delivers targeted ads and detects viruses, too. others do the same. everybody's kind of getting up in arms over this because we're in an age where privacy is a top concern and everyone's kind of pouncing on it. pamela? >> especially in the wake of the nsa concontroversy. thank you. now to this one.
10:59 am
there are questions you just don't ask a woman. what's your weight? what's your age? and what's your bra size? so when a commander with the detroit police department accidentally sent out an e-mail listing not only the weight of 20 female officers but also their bra sizes, you can only imagine the reaction. the measurements were taken when the officers were fitted for bullet proof vests. the assistant chief says it was an honest mistake. >> this was not done maliciously. it was a clerical error. it is not the practice of the police department to share sensitive information. >> one female officer filed a grievance. another is now looking into the possibility of a lawsuit. it probably doesn't make them feel better, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened. two years ago the indianapolis police department sent out a similar e-mail. all right. that's it for me. brooke baldwin takes it from here. hundreds are dead. there's no leader. and quickly egypt, a u.s. ally,
11:00 am
is spiralling out of control. >> it's very clear its experiment in democracy that started about two years ago with a lot of euphoria is dead. >> as president obama breaks his silence, does egypt really care what washington thinks? i'm brooke baldwin. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. -- captions by vitac -- a trainer murdered in the middle of a class. why his past may provide clues. plus, coffee's wake-up call. a new study shows how the brew could be deadly. and a paralympic committee tells a swimmer she can't compete because she's not disabled enough. we're on the case. and here we go. good to see you. i'm brooke baldwin. want to begin with the biggest story in the world right now. egypt.

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